Greta & Alex

Fotograf Bucuresti
Greta and Alex are two wonderful young people: they have love in their hearts, they are full of joy, their...

Irina & Alin

Irina and Alin are romantic and sentimental at a first sight, but once you get to know them, their energy...

Simona & Octavian

Fotograf bun pret
Simona and Octavian make an amazing couple, as they love each other and cherish every moment spent together.

Eliza & Florin

Fotograf de nunta constana
We can recall what they said The first time we talked about their wedding: Eliza and florin did not want...

Andreea & Dragos

Foto Dual Photo
We have been friends with Andreea and Dragoș for a while, and that’s just why the experience of the event...

Ancuta & Stefan

Fotografi buni
The moment has come to write about one of our favorite love stories: Ancuta and Stefan. They are a wonderful...