The moment has come to write about one of our favorite love stories: Ancuta and Stefan. They are a wonderful couple, they emanate love, they are playful, they glow of happiness, they are graceful…the list could continue forever!

Their event was an unforgettable experience, a day full of emotion and also a great, modern party, where Romanian tradition did not have much to say. Ancuta and Stefan’s work life involves travelling. We travelled to Bucharest where the wedding took place, and also the place where they decided to settle down. We saw the story as a voyage of love, love that stands out, despite their restless lives, a fascinating journey in two, or soon in three for a life and beyond.

The first photo shoot took place on a little boat, surrounded only by the mirroring water of the lake and the vast sky. It was Friday, the day the civil ceremony took place.

The next day the wedding took place. The most heartwarming moment was Stefan seeing Ancuta for the first time as a bride.

The party guests had the time of their lives, the music was inviting everyone to the dancefloor. What they didn’t expect was a proposal. Yes, a marriage proposal! Ancuta and Stefan’s wedding was the time and place we decided to tie the knot!

The “Trash the dress” photo shoot happened the day after the wedding, in Ancuta’s hometown, at dawn, when the sun gracefully came out of the sea.


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