We have been friends with Andreea and Dragoș for a while, and that’s just why the experience of the event was even more interesting, full of emotion.

It was a torrid day of summer, but we were motivated to capture their moment carefully. Tradition played a very important role, so the event started in the early hours of the morning, in order to organise every single aspect, according to their wishes. The emotional moments were so intense, as they are expected to be at a such wonderful wedding, with wonderful people.

The weds are charming, their love is true, they are passionate and they cherish every single moment spent together. At their first dance they lived the magic moment very intensely, it was obvious that they were shifting their love story into dance steps, and it was not just a plain choreography.

The photo shoot took place in two stages, in the warm light of the sunset and the next morning, when we were lying in wait for the beauty of a new sunrise. We watched them as they were unfolding their emotions and their passion, capturing natural moments of affection, bathed in the splendid sunshine. We are delighted to have portrayed their love story in a candid way, a love story that will live forever through the photographs. Thank you Adelina and Daniel, thank you for showing us what love really looks like!


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