We can recall what they said The first time we talked about their wedding: Eliza and florin did not want a standard wedding; instead, they opted for a relaxing, colourful wedding, where old-fashioned tradition had very little to say.

They wanted their guests to have a good time, and they managed that successfully.

How romantic! They chose to say “Yes!” by the sea. Having been carefully planned, the wedding party was exceptional! The guests were having the time of their lives in a youthful inspired, colourful decor of the venue on the beach.

The religious ceremony took place months ahead, so everyone came to the party with full loaded batteries, ready to have fun.

Their “trash the dress” photo session was shot on the beach, in an unusual day of August. There were strong winds, but that did not stop us from celebrating our lovely couple and shooting the pictures that are going to last for a lifetime.


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