Greta and Alex are two wonderful young people: they have love in their hearts, they are full of joy, their presence is glowing. They have all the ingredients that make an event successful.

Their wedding took place in the little town of Ramnicu Sarat, their birthplace. We just could not ignore the wonderful view of the forest as we were driving to this destination, so we had to stop and take a few shots of the lush landscape. In great number, their friends and family made sure everything was as planned as they were getting ready. The event debuted with the civil ceremony, a truly emotional moment. The religious ceremony was the long expected moment when the lovely couple were surrounded by people with tears in their eyes, as they were impressed by the purity of the sacrament. That was the time when the emotion was reaching its highest peak; oh, how happy we were to capture genuine feelings! As soon as the party started, it did not take long for us to realize that it was so carefully planed. Every age group was taken into consideration, every musical taste, so that they could enjoy moments with their grandparents and youngest friends alike. The show the band made was the cherry on top. The ‘trash the dress’ session took place in Sibiu, where the colorful light of the holiday decorations mixed with the warmth of their souls to create a spark of love, captured in an album.


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